Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking ahead to the Twins' August

It’s August! I know it’s not, but for the sake of argument the next two days are going to be the adopted step-children of the month of August. Meet your new mommy, July 30 and July 31.

With the addition of these two days to the month of August, the Twins play every game in the month (except for this upcoming weekend series against the Houston Astros and the final series of the month against the Texas Rangers) against the American League Central.

That’s right. Tigers, Indians and Royals… Oh my! Oh.. the White Sox too, but not much about the South Siders is making anyone go ‘Oh my!’ at the moment.

25 of the next 28 games are against division foes. That’s a lot of familiar faces in a short time. It’s pretty much the holiday season for the Twins. The month of August has turned into what November-December is for us commoners. We see our relatives like three times in that month span between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then never see them again until the next Thanksgiving rolls around. That’s what the Twins get to face this month with the AL Central cousins.

Now while it is quite unlikely the Twins will make a run at a playoff spot (only 11 games out of the second Wild Card spot, guys!!!!), this month will tell us a lot about what this Twins team is made of.

No one knows you better than your family and playing your family for a month strait will expose what is working for the Twins and what’s not exactly working.
So grab your popcorn and an ice cold beverage, because we have reached the dogs days of summer. Kick back and enjoy the Twins play the rest of the Central family. Trust me, it will be a welcome distraction from Vikings’ training camp and State Fair fever.

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