Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As I sit here at work, staring at the wall, waiting for the Twitter updates for today’s Twins contest to start rolling in, I start to daydream about all the beautiful things in the world. The big beautiful thing that I can’t get out of my mind right now is, of course, how the Twins now have three catchers.

That’s right. With Joe Mauer’s wife giving  birth to twin girls on Wednesday morning, Joe went to the paternity list so the Twins have the opportunity to call someone up for those three games. The Twins could have taken Chris Parmelee or Oswaldo Arcia, but now they brought up a third catcher in Drew Butera.

The Twins now have more pure catchers than pure outfielders on their roster. Please read that last sentence again. Did it sink in? Did it?

This is just absurd.

I love Ryan Doumit and I have the inkling of a mancrush coming on from Chris Herrmann, but Drew Butera is just pushing it. Drew Butera is a nice catcher and cute, apparently too, (you learn these things when your best friend is a girl). But why?!

Give me someone that can knock the ball over the fence for three games and then send them back to Rochester. I don’t ask for much in life. Like, I’ve maybe asked for a pony once or twice in life, but that’s it.

Let’s not shoot ourselves in our own foot by having more catchers than outfielders. This current edition of the Twins have enough issues the way it is.

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