Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's up with Collin?

UPDATE: Go to for the latest happenings and writings from Collin. Follow him on Twitter as well.


Where have I been? Where did I go? I will tell you.

About a month ago, I got an offer to write for Puckett's Pond, the Minnesota Twins website of the FanSided network, and I accepted that position. Along with the writer position, the job of editor was also open, I took that and I am immensely happy with that decision.

Over at the Pond I will be producing 30 articles a month based mainly on the Twins, with a little of general baseball as well. So check that out along with a great group of writers, it's a whole lot of fun and great Twins content.

For stuff that isn't Twins related, you can find me in the Fanposts of the SB Nation sites. Which probably won't arise as much as I hope, but you never know. Canis Hoopus mainly because I do love my Wolves.

So thanks for finding this site and thanks for caring about my writing. It means a lot which is about as emotional I'm going to get over the internet.

Thanks, love you and good luck,