Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two Goals for the Twins Final 40

A lot of things are dropping right now. Eminem just droppeda new track, FOX Sports 1 just dropped on our TVs, the Phillies dropped Charlie Manuel, the Los Angeles Dodgers are dropping it like it’s hot and the Twins are still dropping ball games. There has to be some dents on the floor with all of this dropping.

As a Twinkie Town member, I just hope that those dents in the floor do not lead to a whole in the floor and drops the Twins into the basement, again. I just cannot handle it. I’m sick of this team losing; I assume I am not alone.

I have two goals for the Twins for the rest of the 2013 campaign/struggle fest.

Numeral Uno: In the sacred name of Juan Berenguer’s suitcase, do not lose 90 games again this season.

It’s not much to ask really. As of Sunday morning, the Twins are currently sitting at a record of 54-67 with 40 games to go. To avoid 90 losses by just one game all that the Twins need to do over the last 40 is go 18-22. Don’t even have to play .500 ball to keep me satisfied for the rest of the season.

Looking at the schedule, it looks like the Twins will be favored in only about six games: three games in Houston and three games at the Chicago White Sox.

Speaking of White Sox…

The Deuce: Do not finish last. Beat the White Sox. Please.

This should be very easy. As of Sunday morning, the Twins hold a six and a half game lead over the Sox for the fourth place spot in the AL Central. Just don’t screw it up.

The White Sox schedule is pretty rigid, too. The Sox only breath is against the ‘Stros as well.

So these two things are all I ask. I’m not asking for a run of epic proportions to put a scare into the heart of the Wild Card leader Rays and A’s, but just a little bit of improvement from the past two years of horrid, horrid baseball.

Let’s start the countdown, the magic number, the checklist of the Twins meeting these two goals. The current number is 18 and I’m ready to see that number drop. 

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